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4050 Mission Ave.

Oceanside, Ca 92057-6402 

Dia News

Got Ur Ticket?!


The 19th Annual Dia De Los Muertos is just over 2 months away! The event returns this year to the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, CA with all its splendor and reverence making this event not only the most traditional Dia,  but also the safest, most family friendly Dia that exists here in So. Cal. 

In order to ensure that this event remains safe for all our guests and to ensure we can provide even more financial support to the Mission each year as the gracious host of this event, we have been asked to make several changes including: 

  • layout changes for a more open floor plan, 

  • add more seating and cover, 

  • AND, are removing the parking charge to instead charge a nominal $2 support fee in the form of a ticket to each of the event's guests.  


This means you can now park anywhere you like so long as you have a ticket which you can pre-purchase online to avoid the ticket lines on the day of. Please note, if you do not have a ticket on the day of the event, you will have to find one of our 3 tickets booths in order to gain entrance to the event. Also, the price will also increase on the day of the event from $2 to $3, so, better to purchase now and make sure you have yours. 

Tickets will be available for pre purchase this coming Sunday, September 1st. NOTE: We will post the link for tickets here, as well as on our new instagram page, and on our website on the morning of 9/1, SO, please plan to return here to get your tickets before we sell out!

Dia TV

Thanks to modern technology, we can let you see and hear the Dia De Los Muertos at the Mission before you get there. Enjoy these inspiring videos of why Dia at the Mission is the only Dia to be at.


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