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The Dia De Los Muertos Vendor Application asks for the following information:


IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you make sure you have this information ready before you click the link for your specific application on the right.  Otherwise, the process will take much longer.

General Info

Business/ Organization Info: (page 1)

Company Name

Business type

Tax ID

Co. website/ Facebook page

Describe your business experience

(after you choose your proper booth and price...)

Indicate your top 3 booth location choices

Contact Info: (page 2)

Your Name


Cell Phone


Alternate Contact Name

Alternate Cell Phone

Alternate email

Booth Info: (page 3)

Description of generator (if you need power)

picture of generator

Description of items to be sold (list of products/ services)

Photos of booth (1)

Photo of products (at least 3)

Required Documentation: (page 4)

If you're Retail, Commercial, Arts & Crafts, Prepack...

Copy of drivers license, vehicle registration, auto insurance

Complete BOE form 410-D

Sellers Permit # (required for all merchandise sales)
Proof of Insurance

If you're a food vendor...

Copy of your SD County TFF Health permit

Your Food Permit #

Proof of Insurance for food ($1M per indicent, $2M aggregate)

Copy of drivers license, vehicle registration, auto insurance

Complete state form BOE 410-D

Sellers Permit #

If you're a non-profit...

Letter from your BOD authorizing activity

copy of IRS 501c3 determination letter

Non profit #

Complete state form BOE-410-D

Copy of drivers license, vehicle registration, auto insurance

The last page is Terms and Conditions and where you specify how you're going to pay.

That's It.  You're now ready to register.  Go ahead and click the links on the right depending on which type of vendor you are.

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